#AmplifyTCS 2018 | TCS Volleyball with Amplify Austin


Join us as we #AmplifyTCS on I Live Here I Give Here's 2018 Amplify Austin Day.

This March 1st at 6pm, we're on a mission to expand our summer player development program to three new schools in the Austin area to provide affordable, accessible volleyball to girls who wouldn't have an opportunity to play otherwise.

Why TCS Volleyball?

TCS Volleyball provides affordable, accessible volleyball and mentorship opportunities for girls all across Austin.

Teenage female athletes...

  • are less likely to smoke,
  • have lower odds of teen pregnancy,
  • are more likely to have positive body images,
  • are at less risk for disordered eating, and
  • are more likely to graduate from high school.

By eliminating barriers to entry like transportation and cost, TCS Volleyball programs open the doors for girls to reap the benefits of participating in team sports... no matter from where they come.

Here's how you can help!

Schedule your donation today.

From now until March 1st, you can schedule your donation by visiting our fundraiser page at bit.ly/AmplifyTCS and clicking "Donate Now".

Be an advocate.

Create an online campaign for TCS Volleyball on our Amplify Austin profile at bit.ly/AmplifyTCS and click "Create Campaign Page". Use the resources below to share your page!

  • Use the hashtags #AmplifyTCS and #AmplifyAustin on social media
  • Tag us in your posts!
    • FB: @totalcitysportsvolleyball
    • Insta: @tcsvolleyball
    • Twitter: @tcs_volleyball
Support Serve-A-Thon 2018.

As part of Amplify Austin, TCS Volleyball participants raise money through Serve-A-Thon by recruiting pledges for donations per serve they successfully make in the court. Find out more on the Serve-A-Thon page here!

What is Amplify Austin Day?

Amplify Austin Day is a 24-hour period of online giving to causes in the Greater Austin area. This is our fourth year participating in Amplify Austin Day, and we hope you'll join us! 

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