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“I can’t do this…”

…is a phrase our coaches hear in the gym all too often at TCS Volleyball at the start of every summer. In fact, I heard it multiple times today.

This summer because of YOUR support, more than 230 girls across Austin are able to come together every week to learn and grow through the TCS Volleyball Player Development Program (or PDP for short).

Every year, I’m shocked by how many times we hear girls say at their first PDP practice with slumped shoulders and defeated faces, “I can’t.” To which we always respond, “EXACTLY! That’s why you’re here! You’re here to become a better volleyball player, a better teammate, and the young woman God created you to be… and we’re here to help you get there.”

Unbelief KILLS effort. 

If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, why would you even try?

In the TCS Volleyball Summer Player Development Program, we’re helping our girls learn to love the learning process, overcome their mistakes, and build the confidence necessary to try hard things.

One of our new TCS Volleyball summer coaches told us this week, “I’m starting to realize that if these girls just have someone who believes in them and tells them that, things would be a lot different!”

Our girls need people in their lives who will tell them, “Yes, you can. Maybe not today, maybe not in two weeks or two months, but with practice, you can.”

Some of these girls have been playing volleyball for years and some of them are touching a volleyball for the first time in their lives this summer. But each of these girls will leave TCS Volleyball this summer knowing that WE believe in them and there’s a family of people who believe in them enough to make TCS Volleyball possible.

YOU are making it possible for these 230 girls to believe something different this summer – that they are capable. You are giving our girls a place to go with caring coaches and volunteers, so that they will know they are valued and cared for.

Thank you for being an instrument of change in these girls’ lives. In the words of TCS Volleyball Coach, Shelesa, “it’s so much more than volleyball!”

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