Shrink the waitlist by sponsoring an athlete!

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God brought Kesha and TCS Volleyball together at just the right time. Kesha was a freshman in high school and had recently moved to Austin to live with her Aunt and Grandmother after her mother lost custody of her.

“It was the hardest thing I have ever done,” said Kesha. “We all had to make changes that were not easy. Playing sports helped me get accustomed to my new school and this is where I found my love for volleyball.”

“I started playing with TCS Volleyball in 2013 when I was 15 years old. Without them, I would not be the person I am today.” 

At TCS Volleyball, Kesha found caring mentor-coaches who challenged her to grow, develop, and flourish as a volleyball player and a young woman.

“Because of my coaches and my teammates, I learned how to become a better person and leader. I learned how to encourage and lift others up when they are down. I learned how amazing it could be to be a part of a team that at the same time, was family.”

This past summer, Kesha became a TCS Volleyball coach herself.

She, along with several other TCS Volleyball teammates, poured the same hope and encouragement she had received into the lives of our summer league athletes, while also helping lead them through a weekly Bible study.

Your investment provided Kesha and her family with a hope, a dream, and a solid foundation.

TCS Volleyball’s team-based programs are where girls have the opportunity to play a sport they love while also spending an average of 10 hours every week with mentors. Lives are being changed and dreams are being realized — young women like Kesha are on a different trajectory because of God’s work through TCS Volleyball.

This year, we’ve had to turn away athletes from year-round, team-based programs due to cost, but you can help.

Your continued investment in TCS Volleyball will move girls like Kesha from the waitlist to the court. 

Would you help us say “yes” to 8 teams (82 girls) who will be engaged and developed in 2018 through our team-based, year-round, club volleyball program?

You have already invested $10,649 of our $59,600 goal and as a result, moved 14 girls off the waitlist. THANK YOU!

Will you help us continue shrink the waitlist and fill the court by sponsoring an athlete?


You can give online at or mail a check to:
TCS Volleyball
313 E. Anderson 
Lane, Bldg 3, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78752

Thank you for your support!

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