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Six weeks into our Summer TCS Volleyball Program, we are thankful for the dedication our athletes have put into improving their own skills as well their teams. The following players have showed exemplary qualities on the court in the last couple weeks.


Emily Spinger is our athlete of the week from Turner Roberts! This is her second summer with TCS and we are delighted to have her back. This year she has learned a lot about teamwork from Coach Lauren. While volleyball is a big part of her heart, teamwork is a skill she is excited to bring off the court and into the classroom when school starts.

Fun Fact: When she’s not practicing volleyball, Emily enjoys cooking and doing her hair.



Nyeima Escobar is our Gus Garcia player of the week! In her first season with TCS, Nyeima is thankful for new skills and volleyball knowledge. Although she has learned a lot during Summer Volleyball, learning to serving overhand is a huge accomplishment. Encouragement is very important to her, especially when she is supporting her teammates!

Fun Fact: Nyeima likes hip-hop music and playing on her computer in her spare time.




Kimberlyn Simms is our player of the week from Eastside Memorial! Although this is her first season with TCS, she says her team is like her family. This season, Kimberlyn has learned how important overcoming mistakes and encouraging your team are to winning games. Her love for the game runs deep and she is aspiring to play in college.

Fun Fact: Outside of volleyball practice, Kimberlyn’s favorite things are sleep and food.




Lily Gordy is our Hyde Park athlete of the week! After playing club with TCS last year, Lily has stepped up as a leader on her team this season. Lily’s love for volleyball shines bright during practice and game play. Her favorite part of Summer Volleyball is simply getting to play volleyball with her teammates and friends.

Fun Fact: In her spare time, Lily loves to jump on trampolines and play volleyball with friends.





Special thanks to these girls for their dedication, teamwork, and leadership on the court. We are looking forward to seeing what all of our athletes accomplish in the last two weeks of Summer Volleyball!

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