TCS 16 Orange WINS ASC #4 Tournament!

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TCS 16 Orange Team. Not Pictured: Marisa Martinez, Coach Noah Scharchburg

TCS 16 Orange Team. Not Pictured: Marisa Martinez, Coach Noah Scharchburg

Last weekend, our 16s Orange team played in the Austin Sports Center’s club volleyball tournament and took first place while dominating the entire tournament.

The tournament win was tremendously exciting and significant for two reasons:

This is the FIRST time in TCS Volleyball history that we have won an entire tournament!

The 16 Orange team won their pool fairly easily to advance to the gold medal match. The team we faced in the championship match was the most talented competition we have played all season. We lost the first game 13-25, but instead of letting discouragement and fatigue affect our game we made adjustments to our strategy. This was key to our success and not something we have always been able to pull off. It takes both mental and physical determination as a team to recover after losing to a tough team.

The ability to adjust after a loss really demonstrates how we have matured as a team and as athletes.

After observing the opponent’s defensive system our hitters successfully adjusted their placement of their hits to target the open, weak spots. That adjustment combined with our athletes’ 100% effort during every rally, created momentum that carried them to win the second game 25-22 and sent the match into a tie breaking third game.

Our team held themselves together through focus and excellent on-court communication while fighting for every single point. In the words of one of our fans, “if their competition was going to get a point from TCS, they were going to have to earn it.” We won the third game soundly 15-7 to wrap up our first tournament victory.

Our 16s team is mostly made up of girls who have been playing with TCSVB for the past three years – in fact, their club volleyball careers began with our program.

When they started with our club volleyball program, both TCSVB and their athletic ability were raw and inexperienced. The potential was no doubt there, as we discovered this past weekend, but it definitely took an impressive amount of perseverance and hard work. Three years of it.

TCSVB Director and coach, Lesley Heard emphasizes that the girls have “grown so much in their ability to work together as a team. A team can have athletes with excellent individual talent, but if they can’t work together, they won’t win games. This was crucial for our win.”

We are extremely proud of the girls. They made Total City Sports Volleyball history with their win… and we still have the rest of the season to build on their success. We are anticipating an exciting second half of our club season!

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